Terms and Conditions.

We hope you choose Birketts Bouncers to provide one (or more!) of their bouncy castles for your special event.

You will be asked to confirm the following terms of hire so please check them here to make sure you are familiar with them.

Bouncy Castle fun from Birketts Bouncers

Please read the following instructions carefully.

WARNING- Due concern and awareness should be given to prevailing wind conditions

bouncy castles from birketts bouncers

The inflatable can turn over in high wind, which could result in injury to occupants. An accident form is available upon request from the hirer and must be completed for every accident which occurs from a direct result of use of our equipment.

You can confirm these terms by clicking the link below, or sending a mail to birkettsbouncers@outlook.com or use the Facebook link below to message us with your agreement to the terms.

Email us to confirm you accept these terms